In today’s high stress, fast-paced world, you need energetic boundaries (know where you begin and end) and a solid soul authority and alchemy practice to stand your ground. 

Within a protective soul sanctuary, learn to ALIGN your big ♥️, your precious energy, and your NATURAL genius with your biggest soul visions and missions to become the SOUL AUTHORITY of your life and in your professional field.

This is how to effectively discern between CARING VS CARRYING:

 CARING (result): your spiritual alchemy and composting momentum uplifts and nudges the undigested and stagnant energy of others into aligned action.

CARRYING (result): the undigested and stagnant energy of others trumps, weighs down, and splinters your spiritual alchemy and composting momentum into blind action.  

In this course, you'll also learn how to: 

  • Re-guard your true nature and self, honor your distress and anger signals, and advocate for your unmet needs
  • Ground your powerful emotions and restore trust in your intuition and True North sacred heart compass
  • Decide who or what to keep in and who or what to keep out of your life – with nuance, grace, and fierceness 
  • Discern between co-dependency vs interdependence and why and when you're imploding or exploding your energy

Includes 3 kickstarter videos, 2 boundary setting meditations, and 1 course guide.
BONUS: Shamanic journeying guidance and a cutting cords meditation 


Topics: overview of the learning objectives, intro to being an empath, anatomy of leaky and permeable boundaries, ways to strengthen porous energetic boundaries, the 9 key benefits of an inner soul sanctuary, and how to discern between aligned vs blind action using holistic healing tools. SETTING UP YOUR SANCTUARY MEDITATION


Topics: co-dependent vs interdependent relationships, my green light, orange light, red light practice tool, layers and circles of influence that can trap us, how to safely cut cords with people (Artist: ANGELIKA). CUTTING CORDS BONUS MEDITATION


Topics: How to work with the Fire element, lower vs higher self, implosion vs explosion patterns, why anger is different than the other emotions, why it's heat, not light, that transforms, how to tap into courage to transform fear into aligned vs blind action.

: Drumming tract and guidance how to do a shamanic journey.
Instantly accessible upon registration.

About your guide: Loraine Van Tuyl, PhD, CHT

I'm a licensed clinical psychologist, shamanic ecopsychologist, and the author of Amazon Wisdom Keeper (2017) and Soul Authority (April 2022). I empower professional empaths and sensitive experts to become the SOUL AUTHORITY of their lives and professional fields. What sets me apart from the rest: my BIG HOW matters as much, if not more, than my BIG WHY and WHAT. Don't take my word for it. Explore and test my claim yourself ♥️. 


What my online students say about this mini-course:

"Thank you for this! This is exactly what I needed!" 

"I got so much out of this mini-course even as a so-called long-time student of your work. I'm a visual learner and your booklet, that I printed out, was so helpful as are your videos, which I listened to like a podcast. I just finished the Fire Element video and meditation, which really clicked this time around. Loved it."

What my online students in similar courses say:

"The course was mind-blowing and paradigm-blowing and wonderful. It felt like putting my feet into a vast ocean. The learning and connecting with the elements helped me to move from what seemed in my head like a conflict of options into a more expansive and calm inner landscape that allowed wisdom, guidance, and clarity to emerge." 

"Loraine is the real deal, a one-of-a-kind, true healer. She is immensely gifted and overall just radiates with caring energy."

"Having a teaching background myself, I can say that the course was designed and structured masterfully." 

"Each topic builds as the program progressed. I didn't feel like this was a classroom, but more of a journey. I couldn't wait until the next meeting or meditation to learn more." 

"I was surprised at how moving this course was. Loraine helped me to go deeper, and clear past energy and blocks that I did not realize were there." 

"Most valuable was learning to ground my energy and emotions in a way that organizes them, as well as being able to disperse whatever is not mine. It doesn't always have to be a fight or struggle." 

"I have never felt as settled or at peace as I have since I have experienced this course.”

"I appreciated learning how the elements help you to ground so you can be open to learning from your spirit guides. This class doesn't have an ending. These lessons and tools help us evolve, shift, transform, and heal as we live our life. We can use these skills to get more insight about ourselves in ANY situation that comes up."

"This is a totally unique set of practices, yet also universal. I really love the framework that Loraine has created. I’ve never seen anyone teach it in this way, but it’s drawing on things anyone can tap into: nature, the elements, trees, animals. And each person brings their own understanding and wisdom to the practice, which is all celebrated and incorporated. In fact, each student is their own foundation for the practice, so it’s a very creative process that comes from within, though guided by Loraine!"