Who are today’s "Hidden  Figures?": the brilliant, fierce, and wise women –– often working behind the scenes, unrecognized and underpaid for all that they do –– who make the world go-round?

We are. You and me, and many other highly-sensitive and intuitive soul sis-stars who often don't identify as such.

In case you're wondering . . . we "Hidden Figures" are masters at tagging others but suck at recognizing our own value and fullest potential. Many of us have adopted the patriarchal status quo or have grown tired of fighting it.

We're overgivers and put ourselves, our needs, and our dreams last. And as a result, we often end up feeling lost and disconnected from ourselves, our True North, and our deepest callings.

When a book coach suggested that I name my memoir Amazon Wisdom Keeper, emphasize my original story and highlight my deep connection to the guiding spirits of my native country and the Amazon rainforest, I squirmed. I still entertained fantasies of hiding behind the scenes after publishing my book: the palm leaf covering my mouth and half of my face on my book cover represents the aftermath of political censorship, selective mutism, and second-language anxiety I endured as a refugee from a coup after moving to the US. All these issues were weighed down by persecution terror I’d carried over from a previous life.

Fortunately, I had access to support and tools to heal and learned to stop hiding behind the complicated fear that was directly linked to fully owning and embodying my sacred feminine power and truth.

My liberation and journey greatly enhanced my understanding and ability to help the "Hidden Figures" in my practice deal with both the internal & external obstacles upon their path. As a result, they're finally able to make sense of and reclaim disowned parts, such as stubborn symptoms, intense feelings, mysterious gifts, psychic bleedthroughs, and overwhelming callings from the past, present or future.

The 9 trade-secrets that are embedded within my soul map will reveal to you how my clients and I have turned the most daunting healing journeys into heroic adventures - AND HOW YOU CAN TOO!


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A passionate journey into spirituality that's unique, compelling, well-told . . .  written with admirable conviction. 
 - BookLife
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Life-changing take-aways: 
Amazon Wisdom Keeper is for anyone who has, at one point or another, felt alienated, crazy, or overwhelmed by mystical experiences and spiritual bleed-throughs in childhood or beyond. It is really a self-help book without explicitly saying so. By getting swept up in my story, you'll begin to identify and carve out the steps along your story and heroic path of self-discovery, awakening, and purpose that you perhaps also had inklings of since childhood.  You'll retrace these steps with greater awareness, revisit and reframe your experiences, clear the impact of negativity from others, and look at your supposed short-comings and weaknesses in an entirely different light.  As you rediscover your gifts and strengths, you'll feel inspired, courageous, and informed how to navigate and overcome the obstacles that have tripped you up so often along your journey. 

"Loraine is plugged into the world of spirit and energy in a way that very few people are. She is a true wise woman and anyone working with her will certainly be transformed by her presence alone. "

Kara Earls
Shamanic Hypnotherapist, Energy Healer, and Teacher

"I was able to connect with each of the elements, and it was amazing how cleansing, transformative, and powerful each meditation was to break up past densities, thick thought patterns, and to allow fresh, new, expansive, and fun energy back into my life."

Teresa Shen Lac
Master of Chinese Medicine, CEO/Lead Physician, Eastern Medical Center

"As a Program Manager of our Tribal Home Visiting Program at the Native American Health Center, I searched hard to find different trainings and workshops to help my staff sustain themselves in the very complex and difficult work that sustained some of our most vulnerable community members. Loraine facilitated a way for participants to connect to the deeper reason and purpose for their work. The kind of insight she helped participants engage in went far beyond 'washing off' after a tough day at work—participants began to fill their inner well of resources and maintain its on-going use in their work and lives."

Anne Lowe, MSW
Social Work Instructor, Salish Kootenai College

"Amazon Wisdom Keeper is a gift that will contribute to the next phase of humanity. Loraine Van Tuyl's story coherently weaves together so many levels of being, cultural issues, and forgotten truths, producing a true page turner that touches the heart and the mind. Read this book as a compelling personal memoir, a profound spiritual message, or as complimentary reading for cross-cultural psychology, counseling, feminism, ethics and spirituality."

Megan Cowan
Co-Founder, Mindful Schools

"Loraine Van Tuyl's debut memoir, Amazon Wisdom Keeper, weaves personal and political truths with poetic mastery. By daring to break from limiting conventions—in the field as well as writing—Loraine has forged a liberating path for those at the margins just as her ancestors once did. It is an absolute must for psychotherapists and healthcare providers seeking to make conscious social change and expand the purview of traditional psychology through their multidimensional practice. "

Tala Khanmalek, PhD
Research Associate, Gender and Sexuality Studies, Princeton University

"In a memoir that’s braver than most, Loraine Van Tuyl shows how personal and ancestral stories and gifts breathe vitality into our life force. Her story of reclaiming and nurturing her awakening life force as a student, in the face of strong resistance, is valuable because it opens the door to how personal, cultural and spiritual truths and traditions can transform traditional Western psychology as well as individual lives."

Maria P. P. Root, PhD
Award-winning Psychologist, Reiki Master, Artist, Primitiva Pottery