Start 2022 right with

this free 4-day challenge



with shamanic ecopsychologist, 

Loraine van Tuyl, PhD.


Learn 4 breakthrough nature-guided intuitive skills that will boost your True North decision-making and the leadership that you offer at home, at work, and to your online and in-person communities.


Start 2022 right with

this free 4-day challenge


with shamanic ecopsychologist, Loraine van Tuyl, PhD.

Learn 4 breakthrough nature-guided intuitive skills that will boost your True North decision-making and the leadership that you offer at home, at work, and to your online and in-person communities.

I created this special challenge especially for unfulfilled professional empaths and underrepresented sensitive experts. These are some telltale signs that this may be you: 


  • You get flooded and flustered by strong and big emotions – your own or other people's – and avoid healthy confrontation at all cost.
  • You shut down, get foggy, or feel depleted by longterm projects or challenging tasks that trigger self-doubt, low self worth, or impostor syndrome.
  • You need lots of solace and stillness in nature and the woods . . . away from people . . . to tend to blown fuses and overloaded and crossed wires but don’t have the time, resources, or access to reset and recharge as much and as often as you need to.
  • You feel frustrated, ashamed, guilty, or numb about these daily patterns that suck the life of you and leave no time, creative space or energy for your brilliant visions, untapped gifts, and important soul callings.  
You're in the right place if ready to hack these hang-ups with unique ego-eco aligned shamanic tools that are not only incredibly effective, but also incredibly fun, fulfilling, and sometimes far out! I'll share the exact steps I've used to help countless others just like you upend and transform these struggles and challenges into momentum, confidence, sustained well-being, and unstoppable soul missions  - for good!


The goal of life is to make your heartbeat match the beat of the
universe, to match your nature with Nature.
~ Joseph Campbell  


By the end of this challenge,
you will:
  • Feel ripe and ready to emerge out of your shell and take aligned – instead of blind – action steps to be heard and seen, even when feeling triggered or a bit vulnerable.
  • Become increasingly more embodied, present, creatively inspired, and able to think on your toes, especially when the stakes are high.
  • Stop being hard on yourself for not being able to "just let go" and become more curious about the wisdom behind your resistant feelings and how to apply their messages and your gifts. 
  • Attract and connect with like-hearted and like-minded people and sacred circles where both you and your truth are honored and celebrated.
  • Finally have gained the clarity and elemental shamanic skills to heal and transform stuck hurt and intense emotions into creative fuel and compost for continued growth and momentum.

What my students and client say: 

"The course was mind-blowing and paradigm-blowing and wonderful. It felt like putting my feet into a vast ocean. The elements helped me to move from what seemed in my head like a conflict of options into a more expansive and calm inner landscape that allowed wisdom, guidance, and clarity to emerge. It was most helpful to learn to engage with my tree guide, grounding and guiding movement in my life and work."
Lynn Hutchison, MS, CPCC, Momentum Coach
"This is a totally unique set of practices, yet also universal. I’ve never seen anyone teach them like Loraine, but they're drawing on things anyone can tap into: nature, the elements, trees, animals. Each person brings their own understanding and wisdom to the practice, which is celebrated and incorporated. In fact, each student is their own foundation for the practice, so it’s a very creative process that comes from within, though guided by Loraine."
Dana Stewart, MSW, Social Worker
"Loraine helped me tap into my own abilities to not only save myself but move in energetic upward shifts toward positivity, power, peace, and happiness, fulfillment in life, work and all relationships in ways that I could never have imagined. I was able to bring to the forefront how often my ego-mind is driving my actions, reactions, and feelings, rather than my true self. It's now much easier for me to step out of intoxicating habits and patterns that used to get me stuck in sadness, guilt, self-loathing, or anger."
Xiao Lin, MS, Writer, Editor, Publicist
"As I reflected on the jobs I've had, I realized that I have gotten every job I wanted and these have been very competitive jobs. Loraine has been the thread across time, helping me weave my dreams into reality. Words feel inadequate in moments like this, where my gratitude is deep, abundant, and transcendent. Because that is a reflection of how she works: her gift is to connect so deeply with the soul that language waits in reverence as the spirit mends and unfolds to create new stories filled with possibility."
Veronica Garcia, LCSW, Social Worker

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DAY 1 - AIR: Let's explore blindspots & Big Why's 
DAY 2 - FIRE: Meet your 2022 BS Bouncer
DAY 3 - EARTH: Establish a balanced baseline
DAY 4 - WATER: Compost old emotional blocks 



JAN 22, 2022 @ 10 -11 AM PST 
I'll share my TOP 2022 INSIDER TIP how to refine your intuition and restore trust in your sacred ♥️ compass as a sensitive empath (and how to detect and deal with the 3 most common pitfalls before they derail you.)

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About Loraine Van Tuyl, PhD

2022 marks my 3rd decade and 10,000 + hrs of professional experience in offering consciousness pioneers and transformation trailblazers the tools and skills they need to align their truest selves with their biggest soul missions.
    Find out WHY and HOW I empower endangered human Mother Trees and Redwoods just like you in fields such as holistic healing, meditation, transformational coaching, soulpreneurship, conservation, academia, and the arts.
    Please send this challenge page to underrepresented and unfulfilled empaths, marginalized experts, and budding change agents who'd love to start their social and Earth justice missions connected and protected in Spirit. Each one elevate one. 


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